Kenya is a country on the East African coast that is bordered on one side by the Indian Ocean; the country has a population of a little under 54 million as of 2021. With just 30 public universities and roughly the same number of private universities, Kenya needs better opportunities for students seeking higher education. For this reason, many students seek to study internationally in search of better opportunities in education as well as post-education work. For those Kenyans seeking to study in India from Kenya, this handy guide will help them get an idea of what they need to do to get started. 

Step 1: University and Course Selection

The first step is to research the various courses available in India and which universities are offering them. For those trying to study in India from Kenya, this might be overwhelming as the sheer number of institutes and programs being offered within India is immense. A better strategy is to focus only on your particular goals and specific programs that you wish to pursue.

Once you know what your goals are, it becomes easier to shortlist courses to study in India from Kenya. Then, you can simply focus your attention on the particular institutes or colleges that offer your desired courses. 

Weigh each institute and program against each other, see which combination is best suited to you, and select a few. You can then visit the respective websites for each of those universities and find out more about the admission process for each program.......Continue Reading