Situated in East Africa, Tanzania is the 13th largest country in the continent and the 24th most populous country in the world. Post the 2008 world recession, Tanzania’s economy has seen rapid expansion bolstered by strong performance in the telecommunications, tourism, and banking sectors. Home to Africa’s tallest mountain (Mount Kilimanjaro) and known for its vast swathes of natural wilderness, Tanzania has also recently been named as one of the top 10 fastest growing economies in the continent. As a fast-developing nation, this country has put into practice free and accessible education (up to secondary education) for all its citizens. Educational infrastructure in Tanzania has been steadily improving ever since the country gained independence from the British. Over the years and with newer developments, the landscape for higher education in Tanzania has a lot of hope and potential as a fundamental factor in the country’s efforts to achieve progress. 

About the Education System

Schooling and education are available through private or public means. The format followed is pre-primary, primary, secondary ordinary, secondary advanced and then university education. 

The course work for education across all levels is standardized and forms the basis for the national level exams. A similar standard continues for higher education in Tanzania...Continue Reading