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07 Jan, 2022 Friday

Scope and Opportunities in Interior Designing in Nepal

Higher Education,Study Abroad,Nepal
Scope of Interior Designing in Nepal

Interior designing not only involves the decoration of interior space but also consists of architecture, environmental psychology, and product designing. It is an all-around task of handling the architectural integrity of a space. As there…

07 Jan, 2022 Friday

Why is India the Best Place to Study Management for International Students?

Management for International Students

Management courses have been one of the most favored options for commerce students after completing their 12th or graduation. These courses not only offer impressive job opportunities but also help students gain global exposure and…

07 Jan, 2022 Friday

What is The Career Opportunity After Completing B.Sc. in Computer Science/Information Technology?

Career Opportunities in CS and Technology

The educational infrastructure of Nigeria has been developing in rapid strides since 1996. And today, a significant number of primary and secondary schools in the country have facilities for basic education in computer science (CS)…

07 Jan, 2022 Friday

The Best University Which Provides Student Exchange Program in India

Student Exchange Program in India

It is surprising to note that student exchange programs have been around for centuries and have been an integral part of the sharing of cultures and knowledge in the ancient world. Scholars from ancient Greece,…

07 Jan, 2022 Friday

Best English Learning Course in Sharda for Francophonic Students

Burkina Faso
English course for Francophonic students

One of the most advantageous and exciting aspects of studying abroad is learning a new language. And, nothing can be better if that language is English. Notably, English is the world’s most spoken language and…

07 Jan, 2022 Friday

Top 7 Requirements to Study Abroad From India

Requirements to Study Abroad from India

With the access to cost of living, tuition fees, scholarships, and education loans, students from India can now easily go to any part of the world for higher education. Interactive student-teacher sessions, state-of-the-art facilities, well-known…

07 Jan, 2022 Friday

A Step-by-step Guide to Study in India From Kenya

Study in India from Kenya

Kenya is a country on the East African coast that is bordered on one side by the Indian Ocean; the country has a population of a little under 54 million as of 2021. With just…

07 Jan, 2022 Friday

How Higher Education Landscape Is Changing in Tanzania

 Higher education in Tanzania

Situated in East Africa, Tanzania is the 13th largest country in the continent and the 24th most populous country in the world. Post the 2008 world recession, Tanzania’s economy has seen rapid expansion bolstered by…

07 Jan, 2022 Friday

Which are the Cheapest Countries to Study Abroad for Zambians

Study Abroad for a Zambian

Zambia is a landlocked country in the lower half of Africa with a population of just under 19 million in 2021. As of today, Zambia has 9 public universities and 54 private higher education institutes…

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